• UI and swift 22 May 2015

    It’s been a long time (so fast!) since we got Swift, almost a year now. Till now I read a lot, and I’ve played with playgrounds.

  • How Kanban (almost) killed me 11 April 2015

    Some background: despite having an Engineering formation (I hold a Software Engineering degree) I ended up more in the “management” side (which I still like). That was before dropping “everything” and going back to code.

  • Testing Protocols through test subclassing 25 January 2015

    Last Friday I was developing a new screen on Lyst (try the app if you haven’t yet). The screen was not new, rather a new endpoint with very similar data to the old one. Nothing fancy, new ViewController and new Repository.

  • Hands on @3x assets 24 September 2014

    The new iOS is just around the corner. So a lot of teams are rushing their iOS8 features. Some of them, even had already updated their apps to iOS8 only. But… why almost no one has their apps with the proper screen sizes :-(.

  • The power of the community 14 September 2014

    More than a year ago I decided to move to London. It was mostly a professional decision. I realised that not all good developers where american, hardly. There was a huge amount of people from the UK working and doing great things for iOS. Even before setting foot in London, going to iOSDevUk 2013 was a priority for me. It was not a mistake, I met amazing people and learned.

  • Working with git and bad merges 23 July 2014

    Sometimes when you hit:

     $ git merge master

    on one of your branches. You get a nice message from git, telling you that we was not able to merge.