More than a year ago I decided to move to London. It was mostly a professional decision. I realised that not all good developers where american, hardly. There was a huge amount of people from the UK working and doing great things for iOS. Even before setting foot in London, going to iOSDevUk 2013 was a priority for me. It was not a mistake, I met amazing people and learned.

###The meetup

A while after starting my life in London, NSLondon meetup was created. I could get to the second meetup. I was amazed. Great people giving out knowledge, a lot, and very valuable (it was all about iOS 7 back then). A bit later on the train to Aberystwyth I had the chance to met Daniel, the creator of NSLondon. He’s an amazing guy (I suspect he has clones though, or he doesn’t sleep :D).

After a while going to NSLondon and talking with him I realised something. For me, the best thing of this meetups is the healthy environment (if you remove the beers :D). It’s a super sharing, ego-free situation where each one shares it’s experience. That still amazes me.

####One more thing…

NSLondon shows always job offers in a very… original way… a projected TextEdit with a list of emails and company names… but, you know? It works. When I decided to move, thanks to NSLondon I could join my current company, Lyst. They didn’t charge anyone and I also got featured in one of the last NSLondon talks :D. Above all, I’m not the only one to get a job thanks to them!

On a modest way to thank, I’ll point you to the conference NSLondon is organising: CMD R Conf on late October, it’s going to be amazing!


Today before finishing this post I saw one of the NSLondon talks I missed. It’s a talk from Tim Chilvers on his experience with legacy code and what he learned. I believe it’s the ultimate example of what I’m trying to express.